File a Complaint

Download the California Consumer Bill of Rights to find out whether you should file a complaint against a company that has misled you.

Feeling Pressured by Your Insurance Company?

Your Rights as a Consumer…

One of the biggest questions that we are now being asked is...

My insurance company is “directing” me to go to one of their “select” or “Preferred” shops, what are my rights? Do I have to take it where they are suggesting?

Consumer Rights as Related to Selection of Collision Center

California law specifically states that the consumer has the right to have their car repaired by the shop of their choice. That’s it. Unfortunately your insurance company may not be saying this to you.

These are examples of incorrect things your insurance company may say:

You will have to pay any additional costs that exceed your insurer's estimate

We handle all Insurance negotiations, there will be no out of pocket charges to you for using our shop, that’s were we take care of the negotiations. We have been in business since, 1981, to date the customer has never had to pay the difference between “their estimate” and our final repair bill.

Your Insurance carrier offers you a Lifetime Warranty if you use one of our “preferred shops”

Our Warranty is Lifetime….Insurance companies, depend on their “preferred” shop for this warranty.

We are not on your insurance carriers “approved” list.

Not all shops can be on ALL Insurance companies “preferred lists”. We have always had great relationships with ALL Insurance companies; however because of logistics, and market needs, we are not able to be on ALL lists.

Bottom line… it's your choice.