Collision Repair Process

Repair Estimate

In preparing an estimate, we make every effort to write a thorough and comprehensive report of apparent damage by utilizing our on-site Mitchell International Program.  However, an estimate is just that, an estimate.  Occasionally hidden damage is discovered or parts prices increase.  We then immediately notify you and/or the insurance company about supplemental repairs.  After we document hidden damage and obtain approval from the insurance company, the repair process continues.

Authorization for Repairs

The repair process begins after we obtain approval from you.  In the case of an insurance repair, if we are not partners with your insurance company,  we will wait to have your insurance company inspect the vehicle, at that time we will contact you and obtain your approval.

Delivery Date

We make every effort to repair your vehicle on time.  Unfortunately, delays beyond our control sometimes occur.  Parts are back ordered, insurance adjustors need more time to review the hidden damage, or sublet contractors are unavailable.  Due to the complexity of collision repairs and unexpected delays, the delivery date can only be estimated, not guaranteed.  Please understand we try very hard to meet delivery dates by coordinating schedules, ordering parts ahead of time and making every effort to control the repair process productively and efficiently.

  • We will keep you updated regularly as to the status of your vehicle.
  • We want to repair your vehicle correctly the first time, even if it means delaying the delivery date.

If you experience a delay, please be patient we are doing everything possible to expedite your vehicle as quickly as possible.


Payment is required before a vehicle leaves our shop.  We accept cash, cashiers checks, VISA and Mastercard, american express, discover and also debit cards. In case there is a supplement waiting to be paid from your insurance company, all we need is your signature authorizing us to receive the payment. 

We will accept the insurance check providing it has been properly endorsed by all parties prior to pickup of your vehicle.

Please remember you are responsible for insurance deductible.  Be prepared to pay that amount when you pick up the vehicle.